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Blogging with Jekyll - 15 Oct 2017

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I have been using Jekyll with GitHub pages for quite a while now, although I haven't been so active in terms of actual blogging.

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Linux Command Prompt Tips - 14 Mar 2017

It’s easy to use the command line effectively, and not even be aware of some of the myriad options available, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for anything that could make life easier. In this entry I’ll be looking at a few commands that have been useful time-savers to be lately.

BigBox3D - 19 Feb 2017

Back in summer 2015, I was a Kickstarter backer of the highly successful BigBox 3D project, and it’s also my first and only 3D printer thus far.

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Picade - 18 Feb 2017

Early this year I got a Picade, a fantastic kit that allows you to mount a Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone or mini-ITX board and wire it up to a screen (8” to 12”), speakers and arcade controls all in a neat desktop arcade cabinet.

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Amiga 1200 - 16 Feb 2017

Been making some changes, including a Gotek floppy emulator and compact flash drive. Haven’t got it fully set up - just booting, but looking pretty slick in its new Kickstarter transparent case. There is also a new campaign for matching (or clashing, if you prefer) keycaps.